Divorces are generally messy and difficult, but at Ewert Law, we do our best to get you through it.  Whether its a complex financial issue, a hotly contested custody battle, or an amicable parting, Allan Ewert Law, Fort Collins divorce lawyer, is here to help.

Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Can Be Complicated or Simple, But Its Never Easy

No one ever gets married intending to get divorced, but sometimes its a necessary choice.  In every divorce, couples must address the division of property and determine whether spousal support is appropriate.  If there are children, then the parties must also tackle parenting time, decision making responsibility for major areas, and child support.  Although all five areas may be contested in any case, the most frequent issues are property division and parenting time.

Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer

Regardless of the specific disputes, having an attorney to help guide you can be critical.  Ewert Law, Fort Collins Divorce Lawyer, provides specialized knowledge about the process and experience in helping clients navigate the emotional ups and downs of cases.  No one can guarantee results, but at Ewert Law, we can guarantee that we will zealously advocate for your position.

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