Separation is not the same thing as divorce, but they are similar.  If you don’t want a divorce and are considering a separation instead, or if you are in need of separation mediation, Ewert Law can help.

Fort Collins Separation Mediation

What is a Separation?

People often use the term separation wrong.  Under Colorado Law, a formal separation operates in much the same way that a divorce does, except that the parties remain married at the end.  A separation thus results in the division of property and debt, as well as determinations about support.  Most importantly, a separation can be converted to a divorce after the fact without consent of both parties.  Accordingly, when people talk about separation, what they often mean is that they are no longer in a relationship with their significant other – they are estranged.

A legal separation is rare and is often pursued for specific reasons.  If you think you would rather be separated than divorced, Ewert Law can help you through the process.

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