Allan Ewert, Esq and Family mediator

My favorite part of being an attorney is helping people. I pride myself on looking for meaningful answers to their issues and providing guidance to people during times of high stress, which is why I specialize in divorce mediating Fort Collins Co.

I began practicing law in 2012 at a general litigation firm.  I handled a wide range of cases from criminal defense, business disputes, wills and trusts, and personal injury.  In 2017, I found my true passion in family law when I joined a new practice, and then in December 2018, I was proud to open Alexander & Ewert, LLC.

For five years, Alexander & Ewert provided excellent representation in a wide range of family law cases.  As one half of the firm, I gained valuable experience and insight into both family mediation and litigation.  And in early 2023, I determined that family mediation services were the path for me and thus began Ewert Law.

When I’m not doing law stuff, I enjoy spending time with my children, hiking Colorado’s beautiful landscapes, looking at the stars, sampling Fort Collins many restaurants, and geeking out.  I am a self-professed nerd who enjoys trivia, board games, computer games,  and generally learning new things.  I hope to complete my first 14er by 2024, and to try every brewery in town.

Allan Ewert - Divorce Mediating Fort Collins Co

A Focus on Divorce Mediating Fort Collins Co – MY Philosophy

My passion is helping people.  I’m that friend who can never say no and will do any favor.  I am observant of people’s needs and try to anticipate.  Professionally, I care about my client’s cases and their lives – it matters to me that your experience with the legal system feels as fair as possible.  You don’t often get exactly what you want, but you should be heard and treated with respect.  The same applies to family mediation.

I family believe that mediation is the best way to resolve disputes whether its a divorce or a post-decree modification.  Not every issue has a compromise, but more often than not, a good family mediator can help everyone find a path forward.  The reality is that going to court is expensive and risky.  You are asking a judge to listen to your story (which they’ve heard many variations of) and make an important decision after only several hours.

In the end, you might get what you asked for on a specific issue, but no one wins in family law.  Every battle costs time and money, and takes an emotional toll.  My goal as a familty mediator is to make sure that everyone is heard and that we tackle problems as mature adults.  Life is too short and valuable to get stuck fighting – let me help you find a way forward and get back to living.

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