Fort Collins Family Mediator

Mediation is a valuable process that allows individuals to come together and find common ground in resolving their conflicts, regardless of whether it is required or by choice. At Ewert Law, I understand the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment for all parties involved and aim to give participants meaningful opportunities to reach resolutions that work for them to feel heard. I help Fort Collins families communicate and feel valued during mediation.

With a range of options, I strive to accommodate the unique needs of each case. The standard two-hour block provides ample time for open discussions on many different topics and the exploration of potential solutions. However, if more time is needed, I also offer half-day and full-day options.  By giving enough time for discussion, people can understand each other’s views and work together for positive results.

I understand that the cost can be a concern for many individuals. That’s why we offer a transparent pricing structure. Our rate is $220 per hour, ensuring that you receive quality mediation services at a fair price. Additionally, we provide the option for parties to split the cost, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone involved. Contact Allan Ewert, Fort Collins Family Mediator, for assistance today. 

Fort Collins Family Mediator

Why Use a Family Mediator?


Whether it is a discussion of custody, divorce, or something else, the best outcome in a case is the one that works for both parties. The goal of every mediation is to help the participants find a way to move forward and continue living their lives. Going to court and litigating a dispute is not only expensive, it has emotional costs in stress and anxiety.

 Mediation helps put you in control of your future. I also understand that people often feel like they can’t reach agreements. As an experienced family law practitioner, I am skilled in facilitating productive conversations and guiding participants towards finding practical solutions. Mediation is a powerful tool that helps families and individuals handle challenging situations with reduced stress and hostility. It can assist them in finding resolutions and maintaining healthy relationships.

Ewert Law LLC is owned and operated by Allan Ewert, ESQ and experienced family mediator.

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