Child Custody

One of the most contested areas of family law is custody.  There is only so much time available to be split between parents.  If you need help fighting for your fair share of parenting time, then Ewert Law, child custody lawyers Fort Collins, can help.

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Two Separate Issues

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Colorado law no longer recognizes the formal term of “custody.”  Instead, custody consists of two distinct and different areas:  parenting time and decision-making.  Parenting time is literally a determination of when the child or children will be with each parent.  Decision-making responsibility is about how the parents will make major decisions for the child in key areas like medical, education, and extracurriculars.  It is important to know that how a court decides these areas is based on different factors for each.  Details that might be important to parenting time may have less weight for decision-making, and vice versa.

At Ewert Law, we help you understand how the two areas work, and translate your wishes into practical parenting plans. Want to let us know how we’re doing? Leave us a review!